One on One with Congressman Joe Sestak

Joe SestakI had the chance to sit down on a One on One call with Congressman Joe Sestak today and below is the podcast recording of the questions & answers that we discussed.

Mr. Sestak was very direct in his answers, no beating around the bush.  I appreciated his candor as I asked a few of the tougher questions.

Couple of things to note, these questions were handed to Mr. Sestak as he called me, he did not prepare for these questions, so the answers are up front and off the cuff, which is the way I like it, these were not canned responses or prepared answers.

The health care reform issue has been in the media quite a bit, but do you really understand what the “Public Option” is?  It is explained in this interview.

Being the editor of a local newspaper sometimes I find it hard to keep up with all of the stories & hub bub that is out there, but once you listen to this interview a few things should be made much clearer to you as a resident of Pennsylvania.

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Click the play button below and allow about 3 seconds for it to load, this is a 20 minute interview.


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